Throwback: Sheila and the Insects' "Quick to Panic" Music Video Breakdown

13 years ago, first time directors Alan Parma and Joseph Frago, two of the founders of Caven Studios, made this music video for Cebu-based indie band Shiela and the Insects'  track, "Quick to Panic."

The caveats:

  1. The band would only be in town for a short while, and we only had a window of a few hours with them, if we needed to shoot.
  2. Budget was extremely limited.

Eager to build a name for themselves, the directors accepted the challenge.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the animatic versus the final video.

  • Band: Sheila and Insects (Facebook Page)
  • Song: Quick to Panic
  • Album: Flowerfish
  • Year Released: 2005

Music Video Production by Mad Banana, Inc.

  • Directed by Alan Parma and Joseph Frago
  • Asst. Producer: Robbie Ticzon
  • Lead Editor and Animation: Alan Parma
  • Lead Artist and Character Design: Edmund San Antonio
  • Rotoscoping, Tracking, and Additional Edits: BJ Mendiola
  • Additional Graphics: Joseph Frago

Animatic vs Final Video

  • Editor: Chris Farmer