We injected entertainment value to company profile, sales, product highlight videos, and viral-type videos for our direct corporate clients.We used different techniques and styles to deliver their message: from full production shoots to full animation (2D, 3D, 2.5D), and combinations of the two.

Several categories fall under Corporate Videos. Infographics, Explainers, Testimonials are some examples. The most involved are those are integrated with PrInt Production, Event Presentations, and even syncing with Social Media and Websites.

Investing and Mutual Fund BASICS

We wrote and produced this corporate/explainer video for First Metro Asset Management, Inc. (FAMI). It was designed to be played as one whole, or divided into 5 short videos: Importance of Investing, Intro to Mutual Funds, FAMi Mutual Funds, Using the FAMi website, and FAMi's Advocacy. Hopefully, the animation makes it light and fun for anyone to learn about investing in mutual funds.

Creatives and Production

  • Creative Director and Scriptwriter: Alan Parma

  • Producer: Joseph Frago

  • Lead Designer and Motion Graphics: Jerwin Villanueva

  • Additional Graphic Design and Motion Graphics: Alan Parma, Red Matias, Emil Alegada

  • Finance: Angela Parma


These were the video components of an integrated print and video project we did for the 10th Year of Operations Anniversary Event for Philippine Electricity Market Corporation. The first video, which featured 3D animated versions of the Commemorative Magazine Cover Design, was played to kick-off the night. The second video was a mood setter that helped illustrate the market's impact and milestones, and was played before the key note speaker's report.



Stories of change

We designed and produced 3 testimonial vignettes videos for Jollibee Foundation's 10th Year Celebration. Our team shot on location, and used cute pop-up book type artwork and animation to intercut during the telling of their stories.

Video 1: Willard's Story

Video 2: Elena's Story

Video 3: Frank's Story

Video 4: Just the Animation